The Catalan Parliament passed a resolution on Catalonia's right of self determination


This Thursday, Catalan Parliament passed a resolution on Catalonia's right of self determination. 131 votes from 135 deputies: 84 yes, 25 abstention, 21 no. A new Parlament will be elected on November 25th.

The Resolution includes five agreements:

  1. We appreciate and welcome the huge success of the demonstration on September 11th, in Barcelona, under the slogan "Catalonia, next European state".
  2. We state that a large part of Catalan movement has deeply committed with Spanish progress over the last thirty years. We wanted to fit in Spain without denying our legitimate aspirations, our will to govern ourselves and our continuity as a nation. Although, those attempts to fit Catalonia in Spain have become a cul-de-sac, since our constant appeals have always received repeated answers. We must, therefore, start a transition period for exerting our right to decide.
  3. We need to make our own way and decide our future freely and democratically, as the only option to ensure social progress, economic development, greater democracy and the promotion of our culture and language.
  4. We urge the Government of Catalonia and our political, social and economic partners to reach the highest consensus for implementing this democratic process, in accordance with international community, European Union and the Spanish government, in order to let the citizens of Catalonia decide their future freely, promoting pluralism and democratic discussion, without any kind of threat.
  5. We state our need to decide freely and democratically our future and urge the government to hold a referendum, mainly within the next term of Parliament.

You can read the complete text of the Resolution, in Catalan (PDF: 4 pages)

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