The Spanish plan against language immersion


The Spanish government is promoting a law on educational quality. It intends to put the Catalan language in a secondary position in Catalan schools.

This is Catalan National Assembly's declaration about the Spanish plan:

  • This bill is the most serious attack the Catalan language since the end of Franco's dictatorship. It is a cowardly attack, issued after the parliamentary elections in Catalonia. The Spanish political and judicial apparatus pushes a systematic approach of contempt and margination of the Catalan language, especially regarding the educational model of immersion.
  • The law denigrates the Catalan language, and it undermines the cohesion of Catalan people. It stands for segregation and division between Catalan speakers and Spanish speakers. It tries to create a conflict that did not exist in Catalonia. We chose our educational model freely and we will not allow any interference that violates our will. The language immersion and the use of Catalan as basic language in schools is a successful model, which is recognized by experts and institutions.
  • The attack of the Spanish government can not be separated from the political context. It had never gone this far in over thirty years of parliamentary monarchy, because we had never been so close to reaching freedom.
  • The only possible answer to this bill is civil disobedience and the raising of a united front of parties, unions, organizations and society against this new attack, in a forceful, peaceful and clear response.
  • Once again, it appears clearly that independence is the only and desirable solution for Catalonia's economic and cultural survival. Any false exit will not solve the aspirations of a society, as evidenced by the results of elections on November 25th, that opted mostly for Catalonia to be the next state in Europe.
  • These attacks and these difficulties give us more strength to build persistently a new country, an exciting and inclusive project for all Catalans.
  • Catalan National Assembly supports the response to this attack that emerged from Som Escola (We are School), and calls on its members and society to defend the Catalan school.

Full text (in Catalan), by National Catalan Assembly


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